About Tony

Tony is based on Vancouver Island and Alberta. Originally training as a news photographer in the days when newspapers actually employed photographers and not photojournalists. Tony now produces fine art prints (giclee) on canvas, acrylic or aluminum to a size determined by the client to fit the location of the artwork.. His work often has a semi-abstract feel with strong colours and bold outlines. He can also be subtle as is seen in his fog pictures or early morning shots. Tony first picked up a camera at nine years of age, immediately developing a lifelong passion for the media. At ten years, he developed his first very spotty black and white contact print. His work has appeared in most European national newspapers, magazines and national TV stations. He spent much time photographing sixties and seventies rock groups including The Who and Manfred Mann. An avid sailor, he enjoys photographing boats but is equally at home producing landscapes, architectural or portrait prints. None of Tony’s works are “Photoshopped” or retouched with paint. The only thing he does is to take out the all pervasive radio antennae which have blossomed everywhere!